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Cost: $20 USD
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End Date
Sun Nov 1 at 12:30 pm EST
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1 Session(s)
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About This Class
First Sunday of the month by suggested energy exchange/donation (discount codes in description for early registration through 10/23)!

Even when we're not physically distancing, it can be hard to connect heart-to-heart. I had intended this monthly gathering to be in my home, but we've been gifted an opportunity to connect globally!

Each month, we'll discuss various topics, I'll share exercises and activations that foster your more effortless expansion, insights, and reconnection with Self. Each of us has a YOUnique soul essence, spiritual nature, and innate metaphysical abilities and gifts ... reconnect NOW.

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Are you seeking? Hoping to radiate more light and love? Willing to engage with others who are aware of our power to more consciously create what we DO want in this world? Minimum gathering size is Kristi + two. I hope you'll join us with willingness to share, grow, expand, give, receive!
Additional Information
Kristi Borst, PhD, is a natural-born integrative healer, emotional processor, medical intuitive and spiritual counselor. She offers private and group sessions in Wells, Maine and world-wide via telephone/Skype. Kristi is founder of Healing Resonance llc and Perspective Reboot® spiritual energy medicine. She specializes on mind-body-spirit-emotions balance and healing, inner child work, and helping empower others to release what no longer serves Love and Light.